Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Neil Young streams 1989 rarity from new box set

Neil Young is streaming audio of the rare 1989 track, “Cocaine Eyes”, as the first preview to the fourth box set in his Official release Series.

The song was first heard on Young’s 1989 EP, “El Dorado”, which was originally released in Australia and Japan; the collection will also feature four albums he recorded for Reprise Records that essentially bookend a 5-album series for Geffen Records and the decade itself: 1980’s “Hawks & Doves”, 1981’s “Reactor”, and 1988’s “This Note’s For You.”

“After the rush of 'Rust Never Sleeps' and the 'Live Rust' albums with Crazy Horse, I settled into a different phase of the musical journey with 'Hawks and Doves' and Crazy Horse's 'Reactor’”, writes the rocker on his Neil Young Archives site. “In the center of these four albums, I made a group of LPs for Geffen Records. Then I happily returned to Reprise with 'This Note's for You' and ‘Eldorado’, the last two albums in this set.”

Due April 29, “Official Release Series Volume 4” will be available on CD and vinyl formats.

Last December, Neil Young And Crazy Horse released a new album, “Barn”, which was recorded in the Rockies with the Le Mobile Recording Studio last year.

Neil Young
"Official Release Series Vol. 4"

Release date: April 29

(1980) Hawks & Doves

01. Little Wing
02. The Old Homestead
03. Lost In Space
04. Captain Kennedy
05. Stayin' Power
06. Coastline
07. Union Man
08. Comin' Apart At Every Nail
09. Hawks & Doves

(1981) Re•ac•tor

01. Opera Star
02. Surfer Joe And Moe The Sleaze
03. T-Bone
04. Get Back On It
05. Southern Pacific
06. Motor City
07. Rapid Transit
08. Shots

(1988) This Note’s For You

01. Ten Men Workin'
02. This Note's For You
03. Coupe de Ville
04. Life In The City
05. Twilight
06. Married Man
07. Sunny Inside
08. Can't Believe Your Lyin'
09. Hey Hey
10. One Thing

(1989) Eldorado (EP)

01. Cocaine Eyes
02. Don't Cry
03. Heavy Love
04. On Broadway
05. Eldorado

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