Monday, November 28, 2022

Neal Schon comments on Journey financial dispute with Jonathan Cain

Neal Schon has responded to comments made by Jonathan Cain in reaction to a financial dispute within the Journey organization.

Schon recently launched legal proceedings against his longtime bandmate in an effort to review financial records and access to an American Express credit card he claims Cain set up for his exclusive use under the band’s corporate entity Nomata.

The move led to Cain issuing a statement on the matter, claiming the lawsuit “has absolutely no merit” and that he will present “evidence to the court that shows that Neal has been under tremendous financial pressure as a result of his excessive spending and extravagant lifestyle, which led to him running up enormous personal charges on the band’s credit card account” despite alleged efforts “to limit his use of the card to legitimate band expenses.”

Schon took to social media to respond to recent headlines on the issue, saying: “All I want to see is our Records. Cain is lying as I DO NOT HAVE FULL ACCESS as he states. I’m now a 50% owner. I’m the founder President and Secretary / manager of Nomota LLC that we started in 1998 and have every right to see what’s gone on in there.

“AMEX ON A RECORDED LINE on both side told me JON WILL NOT give me access to the account of ALL CREDIT CARDS THAT HAVE BEEN USED. They told me I Only have Limited access.

“Really don’t understand why he would think I can’t see what’s gone on going all the way back to 1998,”
Schon added. “Hand over the records. It’s my legal right to see what our corporate BAND CARD FOR NOMOTA has been used for for the last over 2 decades. There’s been MANY EX Employees that had used this card. TRANSPARENCY is All I’m asking for. Is that to much to be asking of a 50/50 partner. There’s no skating around this.”

Journey issued their latest album, “Freedom”, in July, and will release “Live In Concert At Lollapalooza” on December 9.

Get your copy of “Freedom” here and “Journey: Live In Concert At Lollapalooza” here.

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