Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Rolling Stones search for shelter in Chronicles series finale

The Rolling Stones search for shelter and more on the final episode of the mini-series Chronicles.

The sixth installment is set to a soundtrack featuring the band’s 1969 classic, “Gimme Shelter”, which provides a backdrop for the theme of revolution and the turmoil that ended the decade.

The hippie movement, the funeral for original guitarist Brian Jones, the Hyde Park tribute concert, and the tragedy of Altamont are all captured in the series finale.

At one point, Jagger explains to an interviewer, “Most young people are dissatisfied with the generation which they think is running their lives.” The rocker is then asked, “What things are you dissatisfied with?” to which he responds: “The generation that runs our lives.”

“The Rolling Stones Chronicles puts the band’s music in context with history,” says Executive Producer Robin Klein. “While they were very much of that time, The Rolling Stones themselves served as a vehicle for and reflected and inspired change.

“This project provided a unique opportunity to unearth contemporary and authentic voices from the BBC’s rich archive to give deeper meaning to the Rolling Stones’ most influential records,”
adds Samira Choudhury, Producer for BBC Motion Gallery, “and show how the cultural and societal shifts of the 60s still resonate today.”

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