Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The Who preview expanded edition of Who’s Next and Life House

The Who is sharing a video preview of the Super Deluxe Edition of “Who’s Next/Life House” ahead of its release on September 15.

The expanded package presents the suite of songs by The Who on which, more than half a century ago, Pete Townshend foresaw the invention of the internet, of virtual reality and pandemic-style lockdown, and will now be heard as he intended for the first time.

The set – which offers 155 tracks, of which 89 are previously-unreleased and 57 feature fresh remixes – will present the long-sought, complete picture of Townshend's vision of songs that are featured, in their many stages of development, from the abandoned, audacious “Life House” project, started in 1969 as a follow-up to The Who's epic “Tommy”, and from the undisputed rock classic of 1971 that it evolved into, “Who's Next.”

“The Who were our role models,” shares Bono of U2 in the preview video; Bruce Springsteen is quoted as saying “I always found myself there somewhere in their music”, while high-profile enthusiast Eddie Vedder adds “The Who changed my world.”

“Who’s Next/Life House” will be available in multiple vinyl and CD formats, among others, as well as the special Super Deluxe Edition which includes a 172-page graphic novel.

Get more details and view the track list for “Who’s Next/Life House” here.

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