Saturday, October 16, 2010

Drummer Chad Smith talks Chickenfoot

"I can't be in three places at once!”
- Chad Smith

If you’ve been keeping score at home, we’ve been following the upcoming Chickenfoot drummer dilemma for a while now.

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Chad Smith has three day jobs – Chickenfoot, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bombastic Meatbats – and something has to give.

"I can't be in three places at once!,” laughs Smith. “I try, though."

Chad sat down with Music Radar to talk about his three projects and the scheduling chaos that surrounds them.

Smith heads out on the road with Bombastic Bats in a few weeks, while the Peppers are about halfway through recording their new record, with plans to tour in 2011.

As for Chickenfoot: "We'll start the album next year. We've demoed four songs already, and Joe's got a bunch more,” says Smith. “The plan is to get back to recording after Joe's done with his tour in January. I should be free then. I know I'll be free. The Chili Peppers record won't be finished - there'll be more work to do on that - but I'll be done with my tracks. So I should be good for cutting a Chickenfoot record, but I don't think I'll be able to tour behind it."

Here’s the challenge facing Chad: “The Peppers have festival dates booked for the summer of 2011 already, so I can't play in both bands next year. Believe me, I'd love to play with Chickenfoot, and I am pretty certain I'll be able to finish the second record. We have a chemistry that really works, and I'm really excited to get deeper into the music with those guys. Touring, though…I don't see how."

Satriani was recently throwing around the names of possible replacement drummers for the ‘Foot, including Tommy Lee and Jason Bonham. “I don't have a preference, it's whoever they want. I'm cool with it,” states Chad. “You know, Chickenfoot started out as this fun thing to do, and then it just got bigger and bigger. Everybody loves it, and I love it, too. We have the best time together. But hey, I got this other group. It's funny: I'll be talking to Joe Satriani about Chickenfoot stuff, and then when I bring up the Chili Peppers he'll say, 'Oh man, I keep forgetting you're in another band.'" [laughs]

Chickenfoot Chickenfoot

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