Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Motorhead sells beer

Seems like a few hard rock acts have been getting into the commercial business lately: we’ve mentioned Judas Priest and AC/DC recently, for starters.

See “Judas Priest sell minivans and phones” here.

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Here’s a new one: Motorhead. Selling beer.

The biggest difference between Motorhead and the others is that Lemmy went in the studio and re-recorded “Ace Of Spades” as a blues number, according to The Independent.

Motorhead. Blues number.

Recorded at half the speed of the original, “Ace Of Spades” will premiere this Sunday in a U.K. commercial for Kronenbourg 1664 entitled "Slow Down The Pace." The song, on which Lemmy plays harmonica, will be made available for download from the beer brand's web site.

The Motorhead classic has not been re-recorded before. The new version features Lemmy's two Motorhead bandmates, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee, who both appear in the TV ad jamming in a bar close to Lemmy's home in Los Angeles, which has been dressed up to give the impression of rural France.

Matt Doman, creative director at the advertising agency BBH, admitted Lemmy "was quite challenging but really because he's very protective of the track. We spent a rollercoaster of a day with him in the recording studio"

Lucas Bergmans, senior brand manager for Kronenbourg 1664, said Lemmy was the ideal focus for a campaign aimed at male lager drinkers aged between 35 and 49. "The challenge was to find a well-known music artist famous for particularly fast rock tracks and get them to perform at a much slower pace."

We’ll keep our eyes open for the new commercial and share it when it surfaces.

Lemmy has appeared in advertisements before, notably a fleeting appearance in a 2001 commercial for Kit Kat, where he was seen playing a violin.

Kit Kat – U.K. commercial (2001)
Featuring Lemmy on violin

Motörhead Motörhead

Motorhead – Ace Of Spades (1980)