Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Foo Fighters play new songs at secret club show

The Foo Fighters threw a secret, last-minute show for friends, fans and family at a small L.A. club Tuesday night.

Antiquiet reports the Foo Fighters played a tiny rock club in Los Angeles called Paladino’s, where Dave Grohl and company played a last minute secret show to the ecstatic delight of fans eagerly awaiting the band’s return.

The set was filled with many Foo hits such as “Times Like These,” “The Pretender,” “Generator,” “Learn to Fly,” “My Hero” and “For All the Cows,” while new material included the songs “White Limo,” “Dear Rosemary” and “Back and Forth.”

Former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic took up an accordion and joined the band onstage for another new song, "I Should Have Known," which he reportedly also plays on the Foo’s upcoming new album.

Grohl told the crowd that the new record, due out in Spring 2011, may end up being called “Back and Forth.” Recent reports confirm that the band is nearly finished mixing the album, and Grohl has tweeted that it is their “most rocking record” to date.

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Foo Fighters – Breakout (1999)

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