Monday, January 10, 2011

Sebastian Bach sings at Oregon Ducks Pep Rally

Sebastian Bach was there to give a boost to the Oregon Ducks and their fans.

The University Of Oregon Ducks held their Pep Rally on Sunday in Scottsdale, Arizona, in advance of their BCS Championship game against Auburn University on Monday.

Reports say the hour-long event was attended by thousands of Oregon fans, and outdrew the Auburn rally earlier in the day.

To see Bach sing the song at the rally, click here.

Bach’s "We Are The Ducks" – put together by Jimmy Fallon – has given the Ducks some major national attention and maybe, just maybe, a boost of confidence heading into the big game.

“Every team has a fight song...but only one has a power ballad, and that’s the Ducks,” said Bach in an interview with the Statesman Journal.

Sebastian explained how the song came together. “Jimmy Fallon called me and said that he wanted to bestow a power ballad upon the Oregon Ducks, and he told me that I was his power ballad expert.”

As for the song, Bach says “It’s emotional and it’s from the heart, and it’s all about respecting the power of the Ducks.” In terms of other power ballads, Bach said “It’s very much like ‘I Remember You’ - the range of it. It’s kinda like Journey’s ‘Open Arms’…it’s kind of along those lines.

“I hope it brings ’em good luck – GO DUCKS!”

Sebastian Bach – We Are The Ducks (official video)
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – January 5, 2011

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