Monday, February 7, 2011

Aerosmith bassist reports on new album progress

With all the media attention that Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is getting these days through his American Idol gig, the band’s recent songwriting sessions got some major coverage, as well.

Despite the media rumble outside the studio of co-writer Marti Frederiksen, it was the noise inside the room that counted the most.

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton says it was a productive experience.

“We had a good time out there and came up with the makings of some great songs,” reports Tom. “It was so good to have ten days of intense quality time with Brad, Joey (Kramer) and Steven (Tyler). We got to shut the world out and just be our musical beings for 12 hours each day.”

“Our producer/songwriting partner, Marti, kept the pace moving really fast,” adds Hamilton, “which did wonders for keeping us all focused and moving forward.”

Keep in mind this is only the first session for a new Aerosmith album; they’ll regroup later – including guitarist Joe Perry – to continue working on the project.

“It was a good start in terms of finding ways to work around Steven's TV schedule,” says Tom. “We'll be ready to pounce every time he gets a break."

Once things wrapped up, it was back to the harsh realities of winter for the Aerosmith bassist.

"Couldn't believe I was on the West Coast one night, and then 12 hours later up on my roof shoveling snow,” he added. “I was lucky I made it. Brad (Whitford) waited until the next day and had a tough time getting out.”

Aerosmith – Sunshine (2001)

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