Friday, February 4, 2011

VIDEO: Aerosmith in the studio

As we’ve been talking about for a while, the members of Aerosmith (sans Joe Perry) hooked up last month to begin writing sessions for their next album.

The band has been working at co-writer Marti Frederiksen’s home studio in Los Angeles.

"It's been really good, great," Frederiksen told "We've been playing songs, putting together riffs, having fun, laughing and working from noon to 11 (p.m.) We're just digging in, man."

Frederiksen began working on Jan. 22 with frontman Steven Tyler, guitarist Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer, with plans to work through to February 2, when Tyler’s American Idol duties were to start ramping up. Guitarist Joe Perry was unable to attend the sessions due to an unspecified commitment, according to Frederiksen, but his bandmates were "missing" him.

The group put together four songs in its first three days of working together, though Frederiksen notes they're not necessarily finished products. "We're trying to move quick and not necessarily finish up songs and make them complete but just get a lot of stuff to choose from," he says.

Between sessions last week, Whitford connected with the Boston Herald to discuss things, saying that the band is “really starting from scratch” and that the work at Frederiksen’s has been a revelation.

“We basically go in the studio, just stone cold, and try to come out at the end of the day with another song, and so far it’s worked great,” Whitford said of the spontaneous and collaborative writing efforts. “It has been great working at Marti’s. His whole house is basically geared toward making music, so that’s what we are doing all day long.”

Video footage of the band on the last day of recording has surfaced, with Tom Hamilton giving us the play-by-play.

Aerosmith - in the studio (2011)

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