Monday, February 28, 2011

Hear Bob Seger – Downtown Train

As I mentioned yesterday, the new Bob Seger single arrived at radio this morning.

Seger covers Tom Waits’ “Downtown Train,” the first song released from an upcoming work-in-progress album by Bob, his first in 5 years.

The back story on this is that Seger mentioned the song to Rod Stewart back in the summer of ’89, after Bob had recorded it himself earlier that year

"The next thing I knew,”
Seger told Billboard, “a month later he recorded "Downtown Train" in London, and two months later, he recorded it in the same studio I recorded it in Los Angeles."

Rod’s version, one of four new songs recorded for his 1989 “Storyteller” box set, went on to become a smash hit, and Bob put his version in storage.

Rod’s team denies they stole the idea but, c’mon, that’s clearly what happened. Stealing ideas in music, and business, happens often, and rarely do the people who do it ever pay the price.

Sure, it took twenty years, but Rod’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Bob Seger – Downtown Train (2011)

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