Saturday, February 19, 2011

Motley Crue: Vince Neil working two jobs in jail

Motley Crue’s Vince Neil turned himself in to the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas about 10 a.m. Tuesday, to serve a two-week long sentence for drunken driving there last June.

In January, Neil pled guilty to driving under the influence; as part of a deal reached with prosecutors, he will have to spend 15 days in the Detention Center, followed by another 15 days of house arrest.

The guilty plea helped Neil avoid a possible maximum sentence of six months in jail if he had been convicted at trial.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal (LVRJ)reports Neil also must pay a $585 fine, attend DUI school and take part in an online victim impact panel.

"I made a mistake,” Neil told People last month, “and I have to finally learn my lesson and go do a little bit of time."

"I've already learned my lesson,” he added.

Neil reportedly spent his last night of freedom – for a month - on a Valentine’s Day date and admitting he’s worried about “the unknowns.”

Reached by telephone late Monday at Simon at Palms Place by the LVRJ, where he was having a romantic dinner with girlfriend Alicia Jacobs, Neil said he planned to be a model prisoner in hopes of having his sentence shortened.

Asked about his chances of getting an early release, Neil said, “I’m hoping for it. There’s always that chance.”

Neil, who turned 50 on February 8, said the waiting has “been tough. I’m definitely not looking forward to it.”

To prepare for it, Neil said he taped a “Dateline” episode that featured life inside his future residence, Clark County Detention Center. “It wasn’t fun to watch,” he said, knowing he was “going to be in there.”

Of course it’s been on his mind. “More of the unknowns than the knowns,” said Vince. “Not knowing what’s going to happen.”

Well, a few days into his short sentence, Vince now knows what’s happening in Clark County jail: work, and plenty of it.

According to a February 18 Twitter message from Jacobs (an entertainment reporter at KSNV-TV), Neil is "understandably tired and working two jobs.” She adds, "I'm very proud of him and miss him tons!"

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