Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Aerosmith: Steven Tyler says his 'music era is over'

When the new season of American Idol launched, Steven Tyler made the press rounds with his fellow judges Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson.

In those early interviews, Tyler often looked back in fondness at the early days of Aerosmith and the band’s struggle to pay its dues by playing anywhere and everywhere, in direct contrast to the ‘new system’ of reality shows pushing people to the top in a quicker, more efficient manner.

After participating in the audition stages of the Idol adventure, Tyler got a first-hand look at how the system had changed, and now he’s fully bought into the program.

"I wish I could represent for my era but my era's over," said Tyler, speaking before a special Q&A with fans of the show at PaleyFest in Beverly Hills. "The way it was back then, isn't how it is now. It's all about however you can get heard, get it out there. You've gotta have the right song and you better be good."

The Press Association reports that, despite his initial reluctance to take over from Simon Cowell on the high-profile show, the Aerosmith singer is enjoying his new role as a judge. "I didn't want to," he admits. "I'd only watched it a couple of times and thought 'what kind of c*** is this?' I didn't allow myself to get emotionally involved."

"I didn't think anyone could be an idol because of a game show,” continued Tyler. “I didn't realize, that what it really is about, Idol is the ownership of the American people watching these kids, getting passionately into their characters and watching whoever they love come out of the worm hole or not. Forty million people watch it and like to vote because they become emotionally involved, like I do."

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