Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Motley Crue: Vince Neil completes DUI sentence

Vince Neil is three times lucky.

With the help of some crafty maneuvering by his lawyers, an oversight by the District Attorney, and a case of “revolving” Judges, Neil has fulfilled the requirements of his DUI sentence in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Sun reports Neil’s attorney, David Schonfeld, was in a Vegas courtroom Tuesday for a hearing to check the status of Neil’s progress in regards to his sentencing.

Schonfeld told Justice of the Peace Eric Goodman that Neil had completed all of the requirements of his sentence, which ordered him to serve 15 days of jail time, 15 days of house arrest, pay a $585 fine, attend DUI school and attend a victim-impact panel online.

The prosecutor asked whether Neil had also stayed out of trouble, a question that appeared to be in reference to the recent charges Vince faces as a result of an March 24 confrontation he had involving his former girlfriend, Alicia Jacobs. Neil has been charged with battery domestic violence and disorderly conduct stemming from that incident at the Las Vegas Hilton.

"There was no stay out of trouble order, your honor," Schonfeld told the judge.

Schonfeld said the transcripts from the sentencing hearing show staying out of trouble for a probationary period of time wasn't part of the sentence package, the result of a plea agreement that had been reached between Neil's attorneys and District Attorney David Roger earlier this year.

Goodman, who appeared surprised, asked Schonfeld whether he had a copy of the transcript; Schonfeld brought a copy to the bench and directed him to the fourth page of the transcript.

"Mr. Schonfeld, you are correct. There is no stay out of trouble order. That closes it out today," Goodman said.

Although Goodman's department handled Neil's case, a different judge handled Neil's actual sentencing on Jan. 26. Neil came to court early that day and at the request of his attorneys, his case was moved up and was heard early by Justice of the Peace Pro Tem Gerry Zobrist.

Well played.

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