Sunday, May 8, 2011

VIDEO: Steven Tyler on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Steven Tyler stopped by The Tonight Show on Friday to promote his new autobiography, “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?”, which hit stores this week.

Tyler is not only proud of the achievement of completing the book, but the story it tells.

“People would see me as this ominous guy,” he tells Jay Leno, “and I think it’s now time to talk about what created all this, what made it…how I fell down and, most importantly, how I got back up.”

There’s plenty of drug stories and references in the book, and Leno asked Steven if there was a time when there was a drug Tyler wouldn’t take.

“No, I was kind of like a garbage head. You did what you were hanging out doing that night. But look, it got us to where we are today. It had its time.”

Ultimately, the Aerosmith frontman discovered the bigger picture. “We were so into it, that the only thing you wind up doing if you do too much of that stuff is jail [or] insanity. You do it too much you’re gonna wind up on your knees.”

Books aren’t the only things on Tyler’s plate at the moment: beyond his American Idol duties, Steven has a brand new solo single coming out May 10; “(It) Feels So Good” will debut on Idol host Ryan Seacrest's radio show on May 9, before being available on iTunes the following day. The video will be premiered on Idol on Thursday, May 12.

Steven Tyler – interview (part 1)
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The Tonight Show – May 6, 2011

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