Wednesday, June 15, 2011

KISS: Gene Simmons unloads about family issues on Twitter

Wow. Gene’s on a tear.

Following a few days of unbelievable public ball-busting by partner Shannon Tweed during TV interviews to promote the new season of his alleged reality series, KISS bassist Gene Simmons has unloaded about his family issues on Twitter.

Tuesday night’s premiere of the first episode of the new season was an ugly affair (pardon the expression), as cameras caught Shannon calling Gene out for his lifestyle after 28 years together.

Although Tweed said she’s been crying for the past three years, the catalyst was the couple becoming empty nest parents, as daughter Sophie moved out to go to college. It was truly heartbreaking to watch as Gene continued his insane pursuit of making money over being with, and caring for, his family.

With every response, Simmons essentially admits he cares more about himself and money than his family. By all appearances, at least, it appears he’s finally telling the truth, revealing what he’s been telling the world through years of selfish behavior.

That part isn’t a surprise.

Shannon crying during the long ride back from taking Sophie to college. The kids coming back a month later to have dinner. The empty place setting at the table.

No Gene in sight.

Simmons is seen at business dinners using women to distract potential business partners. Shannon calls him on it. Gene believes he must distract business people with women, even 'turning them over' to his potential partner at the end of a dinner meeting as, what – trophies? prizes? gifts?

It’s ugly to watch. Too ugly at times. Gene steadfastly refuses to change, causing pain throughout the family. Not the first time. Sophie says she’ll leave with Shannon if Gene lets things fall apart.

As the first episode went to air Tuesday, Simmons took to Twitter live to share his thoughts and commentary; here’s a sampling of the almost 100 tweets that Gene has posted since things went very, very public Monday morning on NBC’s Today show.

“A publicity stunt? Wish I thought of it. VERY REAL on our end.”

“Anyone who says they didn't get into rock n' roll for chicks is trying to sell you something.”

“I hate missing family events. But sometimes you have to what you have to do. The world doesn't always stop for you.”

“It is good to distract someone during a business deal. Gives you the upper hand. But sometimes, admittedly, I don't see the whole picture.”

“Powerful men like to feel powerful. Attractive women make them feel powerful and disarm them.”

“It was all a photo op. Made him feel important. Deal closed.”

“I hate the idea of therapists. Silly.”

“I am opposed to the idea of therapy. My mother's generation didn't have therapists. They dealt with their problems and moved on.”

“My mother's generation was not given the option of therapy. They had to get up each day and live. No whining. No "what does this all mean?"

“As much as I hated to admit it at the time, therapy actually made me ask myself some important questions. Maybe that is why I avoided going.”

“My philosophies might not make sense to others, but it makes perfect sense to me. And, for the most part, has served me well.”

“I don't like being questioned. I don't like the idea of answering to anyone except the woman that gave me life.”

“There is no family without Shannon. Living without her is not an option.”

“If you never get married you can never get divorced.”

“Tell me one person that had too much money.”

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Gene Simmons – A**hole (2004)

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