Monday, September 19, 2011

VIDEO: Behind the scenes at Megadeth video shoot

After rocking New York’s Yankee Stadium as part of the Big 4 show on Wednesday, Megadeth continued their rock n’ roll adventures in the California desert on the weekend.

The band were on location shooting a video for “Public Enemy No. #1,” the first track released from Megadeth’s forthcoming album, “Th1rt3en,” due November 1.

Dave Ellefson and Shawn Drover checked in with a video message for fans.

“We have never shot a video like this before,” says Ellefson. “There’s actually animals in the movie – that’s all we can say. The animals are probably better behaved than we are.”

“We’re out at Valencia,”
Dave continued, "which is up by Magic Mountain, north of L.A., on a movie set out here where they shoot a lot of old westerns. The video will be coming out shortly, once we get it all wrapped up, so it’s gonna be pretty fun.”

Megadeth launch their new album with a Latin American tour that kicks off November 9 in Buenos Aires.

Megadeth Megadeth

Megadeth – Public Enemy No. 1

Big 4 - Yankee Stadium - New York City – September 14, 2011

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