Thursday, October 20, 2011

VIDEO: Motley Crue roasted by Dane Cook

Motley Crue were celebrated as the 2011 Elmer Valentine Award honorees and the focus of the 4th Annual Sunset Strip Music Festival in Hollywood this past August.

The 3-day event featured a range of artists playing live, including Buckcherry, Uriah Heep, Bush, Public Enemy, Matt & Kim, Escape The Fate, and others, with – naturally – the Crue rocking the Saturday Street Fest with their own headlining set.

The band were humbled by the experience, with Tommy Lee telling Rolling Stone, “Unless they’re giving out an award for the most stumbling done between clubs on Sunset Boulevard – we definitely hold the record for most stumbles – I’m not sure what they’re honoring us for. No, it’s cool, man. I actually was a part of the one with Ozzy. I got to go up and roast, honor, have fun with him.”

The opening night kicked off with a Crue tribute at the House Of Blues; among those on hand to celebrate and roast the group were Ray Manzarek of The Doors, comedian Dane Cook, and Crüe’s tour mate this past summer, New York Dolls frontman David Johansen.

Video of Dane Cook's full roast session has now surfaced; as friend and a fan of the band, the comedian pokes fun at the band’s aging years, Tommy Lee’s more famous attributes, Mick Mars’ health, former Crue singer John Corabi, Vince Neil’s looks, and Nikki Sixx’s drug use, and more.

NOTE: there’s plenty of language in the following video – viewer discretion is advised.

Dane Cook – Motley Crue roast
Sunset Strip Music Festival – Hollywood, CA - August 18, 2011

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