Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Motley Crue: Tommy Lee turns down Dancing With The Stars

“I’ve never hit the PASS button so quick.”

That was Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee’s reaction Tuesday to receiving an offer to appear on the next season of “Dancing With The Stars,” the tv dance contest show.

“Ok! Ready for the funniest sh*t ever!!!,”
tweeted Lee. “Dancing With The Stars just offered me a spot on the show!! I’ve never hit the PASS button so quick.”

So, no high-stepping for Tommy, who will be back on TV soon enough: Lee is developing "Culture Shock with Tommy Lee," an investigative travel show for the SyFy network.

The unscripted series stars Lee as he attempts to uncover various rituals, symbols, and other mysteries of secret societies. Tommy will immerse himself in the history of each society, meet with former members and participate in their ceremonies.

“This is the first show that I’ve been a part of that will blow our minds and reveal things that will explain almost all our questions,” Lee says. “I’m very excited to be partnering with Syfy on this show. It’s going to be an amazing experience for all involved.”

Lee previously starred in various reality series, including Tommy Lee Goes To College (2005) and Rock Star Supernova (2006).

Mötley Crüe Mötley Crüe

Motley Crue – Dancing On Glass

Tacoma Dome – Tacoma, WA – October 15, 1987

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