Wednesday, October 19, 2011

VIDEO: Ozzy Osbourne talks to USA Today

Author Ozzy Osbourne continues his book-signing and media tour in support of his new work, “Trust Me, I’m Dr Ozzy.”

Published last week, it’s part memoir and part advice columns: the collection features the best of his writings from Rolling Stone (U.S.) and the Sunday Times (U.K.), with some additional material thrown in.

Given his history of substance and alcohol abuse – particularly during his Black Sabbath years - Ozzy has been deemd a survivor, even by the medical community.

Last fall, Ozzy became one of the first people in the world to have tests to unravel his DNA, as scientists were successfully able to unlock his genetic code, or genome. The results confirmed that Ozzy is a descendant of a Neanderthal man, and related to many high-profile folks in history: he’s a distant relative of outlaw Jesse James, the last Russian tsar Nicholas II, and King George I.

The findings also showed an ‘unusual variant’ in the gene that the body uses to break down alcohol, which could help explain how Osbourne survived during the years when he drank up to four bottles of Cognac a day.

“To be honest,” the legend tells USA Today, “I don’t want anybody out there to read this book and think ‘Oh, if Ozzy Osbourne can survive…then I can.’ I was just lucky.

“There ain’t that many people that I used to drink or drug with that are still alive,” explains Ozzy. “I’m not saying ‘don’t do it’; if I honestly could say I’d like a drink – I’d like this, like to have that – and I could handle it, I’d have a drink. I miss the social aspect of it to a certain degree but, at the end of my drinking and drugging career, I didn’t have a social aspect; I was just a f**king bum.”

“I know that if I had a drink now, I wouldn’t stop,”
finishes Osbourne. “So, it’s not fun. When your number's up...your number's up.”

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