Thursday, November 10, 2011

VIDEO: Roger Waters supports Occupy Wall Street

Roger Waters clearly falls into the 1% , but he’s making his voice heard in support of the 99% who allegedly make up the Occupy Wall Street movement.

The former Pink Floyd member, currently promoting his upcoming North American tour of The Wall, recently put together a video, entitled “Occupy,” offering his take on the scene.

“A situation’s been allowed to develop in this country where the great bloc of people in the middle who used to call themselves the middle class…their circumstances have been reduced to the point where suddenly some of them find themselves sleeping in their cars,” explains Waters. “And they’re going, ‘Hold on a minute, how can this be right?'”

“Sitting in the United States of America, which has a ruling class – the 1% that all the people who are occupying Wall Street are talking about - this country is being run absolutely for the benefit of the richest one percent in the country,”
he says. “The idea that these people are paying the same taxes as the people who clean their cars is absolutely f—ing insane! I pay taxes here, and I’d be happy to pay more.”

Waters goes to on explain, in simple terms, the theories behind the financial issues that led to the current public backlash, while giving his support of the cause.

Roger Waters – Occupy

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