Thursday, December 15, 2011

Former Florida cop facing 10 years for Def Leppard ticket scam

A pair of $600 Def Leppard tickets just got way more expensive for a Florida man.

The Sun-Sentinel reports Shawn Terel Barber (mugshot above), a former Broward County Sheriff's Office deputy, was convicted on Wednesday of grand theft and filing a fraudulent insurance claim, according to Palm Beach County State Attorney Michael McAuliffe.

Prosecutors say Barber, 44, is facing up to 10 years in prison when he’s sentenced on January 27.

As a birthday present from his wife, Barber received a pair of tickets to Def Leppard’s March 29, 2008 concert at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL.

Great gift...what could go wrong?

The trial evidence showed that Barber’s plans were canceled for lack of a baby sitter at his Palm Beach County home.

The ex-Florida cop’s wife, Wendy, paid $626.05 plus $24 for event ticket insurance for the Leppard tickets.

To recoup the price of the concert tickets, Barber used his position as a Broward Sheriff's Office deputy to obtain accident report forms, through the Sheriff's Office, to support a fake insurance claim. The falsified report was used to claim $626.05 for an auto accident that never happened, according to court records.

The accident report was flagged after it was discovered that the report number Barber used on the form was already in use - for a domestic-violence case - and another deputy requested the file to serve an order in the case, according to a police report.

The insurance check was made out to Barber's friend, Sharyn Iaboni, who later confessed to her role in the insurance fraud, court records stated.

Barber’s history reportedly includes recognition as 1994 Oakland Park Police Department Officer Of The Year, and he was once suspended by the BSO for an alleged tractor theft.


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