Monday, December 5, 2011

Rush: Geddy Lee talks Time Machine tour, new album

Rush continue to do interviews to promote their recently-released CD/DVD set "Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland."

The project captured the band live in the Ohio city that first showed radio support to the group.

Bassist Geddy Lee spoke with Billboard about what moved Rush to perform their 1981 classic, "Moving Pictures," in its entirety on the tour.

“We thought that was the perfect time, and the perfect album to do that with,” says Geddy. “Because I guess it would be considered our quintessential album, and it was the 30th anniversary of that album being released. It also gave us the opportunity to play an 11-minute song on that album called 'The Camera Eye,' which we had never really embraced as a live song.”

Would the band consider doing that with any other classic Rush album?

“I certainly would. We really enjoyed that whole experience,” said the bassist. “We played for three hours - you can tuck a 45-minute album in there and still play lots of new things and lots of other things. If we were really out of our minds, we would attempt something like [1978's] ‘Hemispheres.’ If Rush has a cult following, within that cult following there's a following for ‘Hemispheres’ [laughs]. I'm not sure we're up for that one, but I could see us doing ‘2112.’”

Rush are working on a new album, “Clockwork Angels," due in 2012, and Geddy was asked about what fans can expect from the project.

“The first two [single] releases from this album, ‘Caravan’ and ‘Brought Up to Believe,’ are a great indication of where this album's going, although there's much more variety than just what those two songs offer,” explained Lee. “When I look back at [2007 album] ‘Snakes and Arrows,’ as happy as we were with that record, in retrospect I feel we kind of overdid it with overdubs. We'd like to simplify that, just in terms of making sure the guitar, bass and drum sounds are big and loud and clear, and any time we are going to add an overdub, to make sure that it definitely is adding and not subtracting.”

Read more with Geddy at Billboard here.

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