Sunday, November 11, 2012

INXS call it quits

INXS have reportedly announced the end of the band.

The Brisbane Times reports the group went public with the news during their set opening for Matchbox Twenty at the Perth Arena on Sunday.

“I’m getting teary,” said INXS drummer Jon Farris, who took over the microphone from lead singer Ciaran Gribbin two-thirds of the way through their show to make the announcement to thousands of fans in the venue.

He said they didn’t want to reveal anything ahead of the concert, but it was "the last time" they would perform together. Farriss thanked the audience for their support throughout the years.

The band formed in Sydney 35 years ago and recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of their most successful album, “Kick.”

Despite several attempts at regrouping with various singers, INXS never recovered, commercially, following the 1997 death of singer Michael Hutchence.

The Brisbane Times reported that there has been no official confirmation of the split despite the paper contacting the band's tour promoters, longtime INXS manager Chris Murphy’s label Petrol Electric, and the Universal Music Group, the band’s label.


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