Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sebastian Bach talks Axl Rose on The Adam Carolla Show

Sebastian Bach is making the rounds to promote the release of his new live package, “ABachalypse Now.”

The singer turned up this week as one of the featured guests on The Adam Carolla Show, where he talked about a variety of things, including his Broadway success, his rock’n’roll past, and the difference between the groupies each profession attracts.

Carolla also asks Sebastian about working with Guns N’ Roses and how band leader Axl Rose is doing.

“Axl’s an intense dude,” replied Bach. “Here’s the scene: he’s not motivated by fame or money; he doesn’t want to be any more famous. He likes his rock and roll. Here’s a story I tell to encapsulate his personality just in a little bit. I was on this VH1 reality show, “Supergroup.” I was on tour with him in Italy and we had a big dinner with Axl, Guns N' Roses and the road crew and everything… so I’m like ‘dude, I’m on this reality show on VH1, man, it’s hilarious; it’s 2 weeks work and they paid me this much for 2 weeks work and if they paid me that for 2 weeks, they’d give you like a million bucks or something.’ He looks at me like this: he’s getting madder and madder and he goes, ‘Sebastian, you don’t understand, I will pay VH1 2 million bucks to leave me alone.’”

Check out a video preview of the show below and check out the full podcast here.

Sebastian Bach Sebastian Bach

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