Thursday, April 3, 2014

R.E.M. bassist breaks news of David Letterman’s retirement

R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills broke the news of David Letterman’s retirement announcement on Thursday.

Performing as a guest on the program with Joseph Arthur – along with R.E.M. bandmate Peter Buck – Mills tweeted the news at 4:03 pm ET during The Late Show’s taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York.

“Dave just announced his retirement #2015 #muchlovedave” posted Mills.

Letterman told the studio audience that he informed CBS CEO Les Moonves Thursday of his decision to retire in 2015 after 22 years as host of The Late Show (and 11 with NBC’s Late Night), which prompted the bassist to hop on Twitter to spread the word.

“Right place, right time, what can I say,” said Mills backstage about breaking the news, recalling his first appearance on Late Night with R.E.M. in 1983.

As for the timing, he explained, “I thought about it. I didn’t want to blow Dave’s announcement, but then again, I figured there's 300 people in the audience all tweeting the same thing so I figured it was all right."

A press statement was issued by CBS CEO Les Moonves to confirm the news.

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