Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bruce Springsteen premieres short film Hunter Of Invisible Game

Bruce Springsteen is premiering a new short film, “Hunter Of Invisible Game”, on his website.

An extended video based on the track from his 2014 album, “High Hopes”, the film sees Springsteen play a post-apocalyptic survivor haunted by his past who sets out on his own, recalling times of togetherness with his family as he forages his memories alone

The rocker worked with director Thom Zimny for his directorial debut; Zimny has shot several music videos for Springsteen in recent years, including everything from his last two releases, 2012’s “Wrecking Ball” and “High Hopes.”

“A hearty thank you to our friends and fans who supported us on the High Hopes leg of our World Tour. Our South African and Australian/New Zealand shows were a particular highlight, but a big shout out has to go to our American fans who brought us down the home stretch,” posted Springsteen with the footage.

“The past 2 plus years and nearly 170 shows have been a life changer,” he continued. “Thanks to you, we have dwelled deep within the transformative power of rock n’ roll. You’ve helped us bring a new and revitalized E St. Band into being. We take this break with a sense of joy, renewed purpose and filled with the spirit to bring you our best in the future. We’ve still got a few surprises for you.”

“For a long part of the year, Thom Zimny and I have been talking about shooting a short film for “Hunter Of Invisible Game.” We’ve finally got the job done, and we think it’s one of our best,” he added. “Thanks Thom for the hard work and brotherly collaboration. You and your crew bring it all. And to all of you out there in E St. Nation, we hope you enjoy! See ya up the road.”

Watch the short film for “Hunter Of Invisible Game” at

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