Monday, August 4, 2014

Former NHL goalie to debut new Iron Maiden mask in Germany

Former NHL goalie Chris Mason will debut a new Iron Maiden mask for the 2014/15 season with the Augsburg Panther of the German Elite League.

In Goal reports that Mason, with the help of artist Steve Nash at EyeCandyAir, has continued the trend of featuring Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie the Head prominently on his helmet after doing so in Winnipeg and Nashville.

As a nod to Mason’s Canadian heritage, the left side has Eddie carrying a Canadian flag. This is actually a rendition done by artist Derek Riggs, and is the cover art for his new book, “Run For Cover.”

On the opposite side, Eddie the Trooper carries the German flag, paying homage to the country in which Mason will see action this year. This depiction of Eddie first appeared on the single cover art for “The Trooper” from 1983’s “Piece Of Mind” album.

Mason played full time in the NHL for nine years for three different teams: the Nashville Predators, the St. Louis Blues, and the Atlanta Thrashers/Winnipeg Jets (he was with the franchise when it relocated to Winnipeg in 2011).

The goalie sigend a one-year deal with Germany after spending last year playing in Italy with Ritten Renon.

Iron Maiden recently wrapped up their Maiden England world tour, which saw the band play 100 shows to more than 2 million fans in 32 countries over the course of the 2-year run, which began in June 2012 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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