Tuesday, January 13, 2015

VIDEO: Iron Maiden preview Trooper Beer cans ahead of US launch

Iron Maiden are previewing the debut of its Trooper Beer in 500ml “Tall Boy” in cans in a new video ahead of its US launch this month.

The footage shows Trooper Beer going through the canning process at Robinsons Brewery.

Named after one of Iron Maiden’s most popular songs, the beverage was personally designed and developed as a top quality Premium British Beer by singer Bruce Dickinson in tandem with Robinsons Brewery Head Brewer Martyn Weeks.

Typically available in bottles, Dickinson says cans have their advantages.

“Firstly, cans are easier to recycle, require less packaging, get colder quicker and take up less space in your fridge," he said recently. "Secondly, cans don't break or smash, meaning they can be taken to venues, sporting events, campgrounds, beaches, and music festivals, where glass is not typically allowed.”

he continued, “aluminium cans are excellent protection against light and oxygen - beer’s biggest enemies, so your drink tastes fresher longer. Done right, they’re great for our beer.”

Trooper Beer sold more than 5 million pints in its first year.

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