Monday, March 2, 2015

VIDEO: Jimmy Page discusses early years of Led Zeppelin

Jimmy Page discusses the early years of Led Zeppelin in part four of his recent interview with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell in Los Angeles.

The guitarist joined Cornell for “An Evening With Jimmy Page” at the Ace Hotel Theater in November to discuss his photographic autobiography, “Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page”, and his own history as a musician.

In part 1, Page discussed his early years and musical upbringing; in part 2 he spoke about how he came to join The Yardbirds; and, in part 3, the guitarist revealed how he executed his masterplan for building the band.

The event followed the re-release of Page’s book, which sold-out of its limited-edition run of 2,500 copies upon its initial release in 2010 on its way to becoming the fastest-selling book in Genesis Publications' 40-year history.

Page and Led Zeppelin continued their extensive reissues series with the release of the expanded edition of their 1975 release, “Physical Graffiti.”

On March 6, Page will issue “Sound Tracks”, a box set featuring the guitarist’s work on films “Lucifer Rising” and “Death Wish II”, along with additional archive material for the first time.

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