Monday, June 1, 2015

Stone Temple Pilots considered name change after Scott Weiland split

Stone Temple Pilots singer Chester Bennington says the group considered a name change after their split with original frontman Scott Weiland.

Bennington was brought into the band after Weiland was fired by the group in February of 2013, leading to a series of public statements and lawsuits by both parties which have reportedly now been settled.

"We did talk about maybe changing the name of the band, and just doing something new,” Bennington tells A-Sides with Jon Chattman (video below) while on a spring US tour. “Honestly, my thing was like, why give up what you guys have worked so hard on? This is your legacy, you don't have to give it up just because one person didn't do things the way that everybody wanted them to go, didn't do things everybody planned. We should be able to move forward.

"I mean, where is the music coming from in the first place?,”
he continued. “There's no question when you hear the new music that it's Stone Temple Pilots. Why? Because it's coming from the guys who write the music. It's coming from the source. So, when the source is there, then it's still pure."

In 2013, the band released an EP with Bennington, “High Rise”, which debuted at No. 24 on the US Billboard 200 chart following first week sales of 12,000 copies.

Stone Temple Pilots have been in the studio working on their first full-length album with the Linkin Park singer.

“We got about six songs done instrumentally,” says Bennington. “We began on vocals right before we left for the tour so there was some scratch ideas on a few things; one track is pretty close to being done.

“We took a little break from the studio to come out here and go on the road and play some shows. It’s great because I think that going back in the studio, I’ll be a little more of a groove.

"I don’t have a lot of consistent touring the rest of the year so there will be lots of good time to get in and finish the record before the year is over. That’s the goal. We don’t have a date set for the release of the album, but we have set a personal goal to try and get this thing done before the end of the year.”

Stone Temple Pilots will wrap up their spring US tour at the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga, TN on June 13.

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