Friday, July 17, 2015

VIDEO: Jimmy Page says Led Zeppelin reissues bring closure to band

Jimmy Page says the July 31 release of expanded versions of the final three Led Zeppelin albums present a complete picture and bring closure to the studio work of the legendary UK band.

Produced by Page, the group launched the extensive reissues series last June with their first three albums, “Led Zeppelin I”, “Led Zeppelin II” and “Led Zeppelin III”; it continued last October with “Led Zeppelin IV” and “Houses Of The Holy”; and was followed by “1975’s “Physical Graffiti” this past February.

The campaign wraps up on July 31 with the release of 1976’s “Presence”, 1979’s “In Through The Out Door” and 1982’s “Coda.”

“It’s a closure, if you want to use that word, on the recording world, the studio world of Led Zeppelin,” explains Page, "and the time, those years that Led Zeppelin was indeed a living band. The series is an authoritative and complete picture.

“This is what I intended to do right from the beginning of it: to re-release the complete catalogue in the best quality available – whether it be vinyl or digital downloads or whatever it be; even the CDs were revisited. So there was that, but also the companion discs, which would supply so much more information across the board.”

“It would be a portal into the particular time when the abums were recorded,” adds the guitarist and producer. “And now you have all these sorts of fidifferent versions and alternate mixes. There’s twice as much studio information as there was, but it’s been done from an authoritative viewpoint – and a passionate viewpoint, too – about it all. It completes the whole of the picture of the recording world of Led Zeppelin.”

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