Monday, August 17, 2015

Black Sabbath drummer still wants to reunite for farewell tour

Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward says he still wants to reunite with the band for their planned farewell tour next year, but that he needs a public apology from Ozzy Osbourne and a “signable” contract before that will happen.

In April, Ward had a controversial public exchange with Osbourne over year-old-plus remarks by the singer that suggested the drummer was not physically fit enough to participate in Black Sabbath’s 2013 album “13” and its accompanying world tour.

Osbourne refused to apologize and re-stated that the drummer was not fit to tour.

Now, Ward says he’d still love to return and play with the band but can’t do so without the two issues being resolved.

"If everybody could get on the same page,” Ward tells 106.5 WFSL New Bern, NC. “My page, I've been quite pronounced about my page, which is a signable contract and an apology over certain issues that Ozzy said about me that weren't true. I'd like him to publicly apologize. He said these things at the public level, so I'd like him to publicly apologize. He's already responded to that, saying that'll never happen. So, as long as that'll never happen, then I probably won't be joining the band in 2016.

"Do I love them? Yes, I do. Would I like to play with them? Yes, I would. Am I upset about all the upset? Yes, I am. I'm very, very sad by all the fans' reactions and the way that things have split and gone different ways and everything else. It's not nice at all to be in this position, and it's not an easy responsibility for me to maintain when uncountable amounts of people are angry with my decision-making process, which was that I need a signable contract. And now I need an apology. First, it was, 'I just need a contract, guys.'"

"So, yeah, it's very sad, but I would love to [return to Sabbath],” adds Ward. “If we could get past everything, and everything else, I would love to be a part of it. You know, I love the guys. I mean, I still love Ozz. Just because we have a disagreement, or there's a disagreement on the table, I still love him very much."

In April, Ward released “Accountable Beasts”, his first solo album in 18 years.

The project includes longtime Bill Ward Band members Keith Lynch (guitar, keyboards), bassist Paul Ill and drummer Ronnie Ciago, with contributions by drummer Walter Earl and an array of session singers including Ward’s daughter, Emily.

The drummer has been actively promoting exhibits of his fine art collection, “Absence of Corners | Rhythm On Canvas.”

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