Monday, January 4, 2016

VIDEO: The Cult premiere Hinterland from Hidden City album

The Cult are premiering a video for “Hinterland”, a track from their forthcoming album “Hidden City.”

“’Hinterland' is a place both real and imagined, a hidden city symbolic of a new Rome,” explains singer Ian Astbury. “Through the eyes of several witnesses, we observe a young woman as she realizes her enlightened self in a dystopian dream world.

“'Hinterland' is filled with symbolism, reflecting a new aeon in the shift of human consciousness as we realign with our planet's natural rhythms."

The tune is the latest preview of the band’s 10th album, “Hidden City.”

Due February 5 and produced by Bob Rock, the project is billed as the third and final installment in a trilogy of recordings that began with 2007's “Born Into This” and 2012's “Choice Of Weapon.”

The Cult have previously issued previews of “Dark Energy” and “Deeply Ordered Chaos” from the forthcoming set.

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