Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Paul McCartney streams Dear Friend demo from Wild Life reissue

Paul McCartney is streaming a previously-unreleased demo recording of “Dear Friend”, from the forthcoming Wings reissue of their 1971 album, “Wild Life.”

The tune is the John Lennon-inspired closing track of the group’s debut record.

“With ‘Dear Friend,’ that’s sort of me talking to John after we’d had all the sort of disputes about The Beatles breakup," says McCartney. "I find it very emotional when I listen to it now. I have to sort of choke it back. I remember when I heard the song recently, listening to the roughs [remastering works-in-progress] in the car and I thought, ‘Oh God.’ That lyric: ‘Really truly, young and newly wed,’ listening to that was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s true.’ I’m trying to say to John, ‘Look, you know, it’s all cool. Have a glass of wine. Let’s be cool.’”

“And luckily we did get it back together, which was like a great source of joy because it would have been terrible if he’d been killed as things were at that point and I’d never got to straighten it out with him. This was me reaching out. So, I think it’s very powerful in some very simple way. But it was certainly heartfelt.”

McCartney is also streaming a newly-remastered version of “Dear Friend” from the reissue, which will be released – alongside 1973’s "Red Rose Speedway" – on December 7.

“Wild Life” was recorded at London’s Abbey Road Studios in just over a week during the summer of 1971, with more than half of the songs completed live in a single take.

The album reached No. 10 on the US Billboard 200 on its way to gold status in the country for sales of 500,000 copies.

The 2018 “Wild Life” reissue is a 3CD, 1DVD limited deluxe edition that includes a remastered album alongside 25 bonus audio tracks including rough mixes of the album, original single edits, B-sides, home recordings and other previously unreleased material across three CDs.

The set’s DVD features rare footage of acoustic home videos, rehearsals and more. A download redemption card will provide access to all audio in HD 24/96kHz unlimited high-resolution versions.

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