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Whitesnake announce Slide It In 35th anniversary reissues

Whitesnake will release a series of 35th anniversary reissues of their 1984 classic, “Slide It In”, on March 8.

The group’s sixth album delivered their fourth UK Top 10 set and their commercial breakthrough in the US thanks to singles like "Slow an' Easy", "Love Ain't No Stranger", and the title track.

A 2019 remaster of the “Slide It In” will be available in all versions, including a 6CD/DVD Ultimate Special Edition, a 2CD Deluxe Edition featuring US and UK mixes plus bonus tracks, a single CD (US Mix), and a 2LP vinyl edition.

The 6CD/DVD Ultimate Special Edition (see full track list below) presents the US and UK mixes of the album, as well as unreleased studio recordings – including previously-unavailable versions of all songs on the original album plus monitor mixes, and brand new 35th anniversary remixes. The package also features an entire 1984 Glasgow concert performance and live performance tracks from Jon Lord’s final show with the band, a 60-page hardbound book including photos, essays, notes, and credits, and a DVD of promo videos, live footage, and an interview with David Coverdale.

The 2CD Deluxe Edition also includes the US and UK mixes plus bonus tracks, as outlined.

“’Slide It In’ was always meant to be a structured, more electric modern take on the classic blues-based hard rock that Whitesnake were famous for,” says Coverdale, “but our new Hook City Hooligan, Mixer Extraordinaire Christopher Collier, has hand-tooled this classic record for the 21st century. Hearing all the performances so fresh and so clear after 35 years was amazing. Mel, Cozy and Jon’s playing on the record is as vital now as it was all those years ago. All the featured players shine.

“Not only did Christopher get the best out of the recording, but, he gives the album a fresh coat of sonic paint bringing it right up to date. I’m personally thrilled with it.”

As Whitesnake scored massive US success with their self-titled 1987 record, “Slide It In” returned to the charts Stateside on its way to double-platinum status for sales of more than 2 million copies in the country.

Following the “Slide It In” reissues, Whitesnake will launch a spring US tour in Newkirk, OK on April 12 ahead of the May release of their 13th album, “Flesh & Blood.”

“Slide It In - The Ultimate Special Edition”

Release date: March 8

Disc 1: US Mix (1985) 35th Anniversary Remaster
Disc 2: UK. Mix (1984) 35th Anniversary Remaster

Bonus Tracks

01. Need Your Love So Bad - Single B-Side
02. Gambler - 7-inch Eddie Kramer Mix (1983)
03. Guilty Of Love - 7-inch Eddie Kramer Mix (1983)

Disc 3: 35th Anniversary Remixes (2019)

01. Slide It In (Previously unreleased)
02. Slow An’ Easy (Previously unreleased)
03. Love Ain’t No Stranger (Previously unreleased)
04. Give Me More Time (Previously unreleased)
05. Guilty Of Love (Previously unreleased)
06. All Or Nothing (Previously unreleased)
07. Spit It Out (Previously unreleased)
08. Standing In The Shadow (Previously unreleased)
09. Hungry For Love (Previously unreleased)
10. Gambler (Previously unreleased)
11. Need Your Love So Bad (Previously unreleased)

Disc 4: Monitor Mixes & Intros (September 1983)

01. Intro to Gambler from David Coverdale
02. Gambler (Previously unreleased)
03. Standing in the Shadow (Previously unreleased)
04. Intro to Slide It In from David Coverdale
05. Slide It In (Previously unreleased)
06. Give Me More Time (Previously unreleased)
07. Intro to Love Ain’t No Stranger from David Coverdale
08. Love Ain’t No Stranger (Previously unreleased)
09. Hungry For Love (Previously unreleased)
10. Intro to Guilty Of Love from David Coverdale
11. Guilty Of Love (Previously unreleased)
12. Spit It Out (Previously unreleased)
13. Intro to Slow An’ Easy from David Coverdale
14. Slow An’ Easy (Previously unreleased)
15. All Or Nothing (Previously unreleased)
16 David Coverdale discusses the US vs UK versions

Jon Lord’s Last Whitesnake Show (Sweden, April 16, 1984)

01. Gambler
02. Guilty Of Love
03. Love Ain’t No Stranger
04. Reading An’ Willing (Sweet Satisfaction)

Disc 5: Live in Glasgow, Scotland (March 1, 1984)

01. Gambler (Previously unreleased)
02. Guilty Of Love (Previously unreleased)
03. Reading An’ Willing (Sweet Satisfaction) (Previously unreleased)
04. Love Ain’t No Stranger (Previously unreleased)
05. Here I Go Again (Previously unreleased)
06. Slow An’ Easy (Previously unreleased)
07. Cryin’ In The Rain (Previously unreleased)
08. Keyboard Solo
09. Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City (Previously unreleased)
10. Fool For Your Loving (Previously unreleased)
11. Need Your Love So Bad / Thank You Blues (Previously unreleased)
12. Slide It In (Previously unreleased)
13. Don’t Break My Heart Again (Previously unreleased)

Disc 6: Early Ruff Mixes, Original Demos and Obscurities

Early Ruff Mixes with Unfinished Lyrics

01. All Or Nothing
02. Hungry For Love
03. Spit It Out
04. Give Me More Time
05. Slow An’ Easy
06. Love Ain’t No Stranger
07. Need Your Love So Bad – Instrumental
08. All Or Nothing – acapella excerpts remix
09. Slow An’ Easy – organ and drum excerpts remix
10. Wheezy Interludes – various alcoholic studio antics, David and Mel “fighting a cold”

Original Demos

01. Slow An’ Easy
02. Slide It In
03. Standing In The Shadow
04. All Or Nothing
05. Spit It Out
06. Guilty Of Love
07. Love Ain’t No Stranger
08. Intro to Need Your Love So Bad from David Coverdale
09. Need Your Love So Bad

Unfinished Symphonies: Demo Ideas that Were Never Finished

01. Body Heat
02. The Gypsy In You
03. Lounge Lizards
04. Great Riff In The Morning
05. The River Song
06. Can’t Make A Deal With The Devil
07. Prayer For The Dying
08. Spend The Night With Me
09. So Much To Live For
10. Riff Raff Blues
11. Thanks You Blues

DVD: Music Videos & Live Clips

01. Guilty Of Love – Music Video
02. Slow An’ Easy – Music Video
03. Love Ain't No Stranger – Music Video
04. Give Me More Time – Top Of The Pops
05. Standing In The Shadow – New Promo Video
06. Love Ain’t No Stranger – Live… In The Still of the Night
07. Slide It In – Live at Donington (1990)

Extra Features

Jon Lord’s Last Whitesnake Show (1984)

01. Gambler
02. Guilty of Love
03. Love Ain’t No Stranger
04. Reading An’ Willing (Sweet Satisfaction)

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