Friday, April 5, 2019

David Lee Roth relaunches The Roth Show as a podcast

David Lee Roth has relaunched his dormant video series, “The Roth Show”, as a new podcast.

The Van Halen frontman is reintroducing the long-form concept with a debut episode entitled “Diamond Dave Goes Ultra”, and its follow-up, “Ultra Dave..Part 2” – a reference to the recent Miami, FL music festival where the rocker joined DJ and headliner Armin van Buuren for a new remix of the 1984 Van Halen classic, “Jump.”

In addition to the dance music festival, listeners will also hear the rocker ramble on a wide variety of topics throughout the feature.

While Roth has hinted at a 2019 return of Van Halen after an almost four-year hiatus by the band, the singer has been busy putting together a pair of long-planned business ventures: Ink The Original and Laugh To Win.

Ink The Original is a skin-care line which preserves, protects and highlights tattoos while keeping them from fading.

“I started this project with three of us sitting around an upended plastic bucket for a table at my house in L.A,” Roth told Vogue late last year. “Now, there’s 34 of us and we have offices in New York as well as L.A. It’s taken three years and close to $7 million, and I’m involved in every single element of every part of it.

“My business partner, Ami James, is the curator and one of the three owners of Tattoodo, which has more than 500,000 artists curated on their site. They get 2 billion views a month and have 20 million social media followers.”

Laugh To Win is an outdoor gear company inspired by Roth’s own experiences as a world traveler.

“My idea for a line of outdoor gear started eight or nine years ago, and at the moment, we’re working on some 60 products,” says the singer. “I’m not going after just the tattoo world – we’re going after Procter & Gamble.

“I took most of what I made off the last couple of Van Halen tours – I didn’t actually touch the check, [and] I just watched it walk by – and that’s how I financed this… I did it as a free man. I spent my own money. I built the team. This is my shot. This is the second half of the Super Bowl. And whatever happens? I’m a free mother***ker!

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