Friday, November 29, 2019

Clutch release cover of CCR classic Fortunate Son

Clutch are streaming a video of a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic, “Fortunate Son”, in sync with the release of the latest single in their ongoing Weathermaker Vault Series.

“Growing up it was hard not to hear CCR’s Fortunate Son on the radio, on TV or even at the county fair,” says drummer Jean-Paul Gaster. “The groovy backbeat and sloshy hi-hats that introduce John Fogerty’s timeless lyrics written so many years ago could be found everywhere.

“While it may be true to say that Fortunate Son could be seen as a political song, we think it’s bigger than that. For us, Fortunate Son is an inspirational song. For that reason we’d like to dedicate the song to the most inspirational person we’ve ever had in our lives, our late manager Jack Flanagan. Jack Flanagan was no Fortunate son. He worked tirelessly and passionately all the while keeping a razor-sharp sense of humor until his last days. Thank you, Jack, for making us better than we ever thought we could be.”

In the video that accompanies this release, guitarist Tim Sult pays homage to Jack Flanagan by playing Jack’s beloved 90’s Les Paul.

The video was shot at J Robbins’ Magpie Cage Recording Studio in Baltimore, MD. J Robbins produced the Clutch albums “Robot Hive/Exodus” (2005) and “Strange Cousins From The West” (2009), and he recorded all of the Weathermaker Vault Series singles.

Previous releases in the Maryland band’s singles collection include covers of Willie Dixon’s “Evil” and ZZ Top’s “Precious And Grace”, and a reworked version of their own 2007 classic, “Electric Worry.”

Clutch resume their 2019 tour with shows across Europe starting in Wiesbaden, Germany on December 2; the group’s latest studio album is 2018’s “Book Of Bad Decisions.”

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