Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Neil Young streams unreleased 1974 track Homefires

Neil Young is streaming his unreleased 1974 track, “Homefires”, as a preview to the November 20 release of “Neil Young Archives Volume 2 (1972-1976).”

Recorded at the singer’s Broken Arrow Ranch in California, the tune is one of the previously unreleased songs included in the limited edition 10-disc package which delivers 131 tracks in chronological order from the rocker’s 1970s output.

Available exclusively via the Neil Young Archives site, the set mixes also presents new unreleased versions of material, including the recently-issued trio of “Homegrown” and the live packages “Tuscaloosa” and “Roxy: Tonight’s The Night Live”, a re-arranged "Tonight’s The Night" record with two new tracks, and a live album with Crazy Horse in London and Tokyo, among other things.

View the full track list for “Neil Young Archives Volume 2 (1972-1976)” here.

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