Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Queensryche singer Todd La Torre releases Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall video

Queensryche singer Todd La Torre has released a video for “Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall” as the latest preview to his forthcoming solo album debut, “Rejoice In The Suffering.”

"'Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall' is a full throttle thrasher!,” says La Torre. “We wanted a no-nonsense, fast paced shredder, with intense guitar riffs, solos, drumwork, and vocals. This song was inspired by a few different documentaries surrounding two particular near insurmountable feats of rock climbing. While initially written about those achievements, this song is really meant to represent and embody this very special breed and the spirit of all climbing."

The video was filmed in Florida and features La Torre and guitarist Craig Blackwell delivering the track in front of a giant rock wall.

The tune follows “Darkened Majesty” as the second track issued in advance of the February 5 arrival of “Rejoice In The Suffering”, which sees La Torre working alongside producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris.

A deluxe version 0f the set adds three bonus songs: "Fractured", "Set It Off" and "One By One."

Queensryche’s most recent release is 2019’s “The Verdict.”

Todd La Torre
"Rejoice In The Suffering"

Release date: February 5

01. Dogmata
02. Pretenders
03. Hellbound And Down
04. Darkened Majesty
05. Crossroads To Insanity
06. Critical Cynic
07. Rejoice In The Suffering
08. Vexed
09. Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall
10. Apology

Bonus tracks (deluxe version only)

11. Fractured
12. Set It Off
13. One By One

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