Thursday, June 24, 2021

Roger Daltrey cancels US solo tour

Roger Daltrey has cancelled his scheduled series of solo US concerts this fall.

The Who legend was set to perform dates in August and September on the Live And Kicking Tour.

“When I booked these shows several months ago,” explains Daltrey, “I was confident that things would be back to normal by August, but due to the uncertainty of the current travel situation and the challenges for a UK act to be able to perform in the USA I have reluctantly decided to cancel the shows. I hope to re-book them in the near future, and to those of you who have bought tickets, please accept my sincere apologies.

“I do appreciate your support and can't wait to get back to work once the time is right.”

Daltrey revealed the origins of his legendary microphone swinging technique during an appearance on NBC-TV’s The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in April.

"I did it out of pure boredom, actually," shared the rocker. "I was on a stage with two maniacs and a very straight bass player and I just got bored. I thought, 'I've got this thing in my hand and I'm fed up with holding it up there [next to my face] so what do I do with it?' So I kind of threw it and I held onto the cord and of course it came back. I thought, 'Well that's kind of interesting. Let's see what more I can do.'

"I went on to be pretty good with that thing. I could take a cigarette out of someone's mouth from about 20 yards, which is quite good, you know. I was really quite a good shot with that thing but I can't see now of course…I throw it out and now I just pray that it comes down somewhere [near me]."

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