Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Michael Monroe streams new single Everybody’s Nobody

Michael Monroe is streaming a video for “Everybody’s Nobody”, the latest single from his forthcoming album, “I Live Too Fast To Die Young.”

“It’s a tongue-in-cheek tale about letting go of the ‘good old days’ and finding the things that make you happy here and now,” says Monroe. “A lot of artists in our position seem content to bask in the glow of nostalgia instead of striving to move forward. And since they never ‘made it big’, they’d rather claim that they never really wanted to.

“The title can also be about your own self-worth,”
adds Monroe, “everybody’s at least been a nobody and that’s already an achievement in itself.”

“Everybody’s Nobody” follows “Murder The Summer Of Love” and “Can’t Stop Falling Apart” as the third preview to Monroe’s tenth studio album, which he recorded at Inkfish Studios in Helsinki, Finland between November and December 2021.

Due June 10, “I Live Too Fast To Die Young” will be available in multiple formats, including CD Digipak, 12” Red Vinyl, Signed Limited Edition 12” Vinyl with Alternative Artwork, Digital Download, Streaming and special D2C bundles.

Michael Monroe
“I Live Too Fast To Die Young”

Release date: June 10

01. Murder The Summer Of Love
02. Young Drunks & Old Alcoholics
03. Derelict Palace
04. All Fighter
05. Everybody's Nobody
06. Antisocialite
07. Can't Stop Falling Apart
08. Pagan Prayer
09. No Guilt
10. I Live Too Fast To Die Young
11. Dearly Departed

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