Monday, November 21, 2022

Megadeth tribute Judas Priest Rock Hall induction with cover of 1978 classic

Megadeth have released a cover of the 1978 Judas Priest classic, “Delivering The Goods”, exclusively via Amazon Music, as a tribute to the UK band on their recent induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

The song was featured on Judas Priest’s fifth album “Killing Machine”, which was issued in the US under the title “Hell Bent for Leather.”

“We’ve recorded our own rendition of Judas Priest’s ‘Delivering the Goods’ to celebrate their induction into the 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,” shared Megadeth on social media.

In a recent appearance on the BBC's The Rock Show With Johnnie Walker, Dave Mustaine chose Glenn Tipton as his “Rock God”, saying, "I had no idea how much Glenn Tipton and Judas Priest had influenced my guitar playing until I recently covered 'Delivering The Goods' with my band, Megadeth, and got to go over all those guitar riffs again. It was really revealing to me how much Glenn's playing had influenced me."

"I remember,”
he added, “when I was living with my mom and we moved in with my middle sister - I have three older sisters - and she was married to a police officer that was the Chief Of Police in a city called Stanton in California. He walked into his house and heard Priest blaring in the bedroom I was sharing with their son; that was the first time I ever stood up for metal. And when he stomped out, you know what I did? I put the record back on."

You can stream a preview of the Megadeth cover here, and/or listen to a fan-posted full version of the track below.

Judas Priest entered the Rock Hall on their third nomination; you can watch their 2022 induction performance here.

Megadeth recently picked up a 2023 Grammy Award nomination in the Best Metal Performance category for “We’ll Be Back”, the lead single from band’s new album, “The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead!”

You can pick up the new album here.

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