Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Wolfgang Van Halen releases new Mammoth WVH video I’m Alright

Wolfgang Van Halen has released a new video “I’m Alright”, as the latest preview to the August 4 release of the forthcoming album “Mammoth II.”

The tune follows “Another Celebration At The End Of The World”, “Like A Pastime” and “Take A Bow” as the fourth single issued from the project which, like the 2021 self-titled debut, was produced by Michael Baskette and recorded at the famed 5150 studios.

“I’m Alright” is another rocker featuring a driving drumbeat, a hypnotic piano riff and a blistering guitar solo that features his uncle - Patrick Bertinelli - on wah pedal operation. The lines “Sorry - I’m so sorry - It’s kind of you to say – F@#k off and back away and let me breathe” are sentiments that are relatable to anyone and given extra bite with Wolfgang’s pointed delivery.

The music video picks up after the video for “Another Celebration at the End of the World” where the former band of Wolfgangs – who have been fired from Mammoth WVH – start their own band Mammoth WWW and enter the same Battle of the Bands as Mammoth WVH. Hearing the band rehearsing “I’m Alright,” Mammoth WWW steals the song from Mammoth WVH to surprising results. Keeping it in the family on “I’m Alright,” Wolfgang’s mother - legendary actress and chef Valerie Bertinelli – also makes a cameo appearance in the video.

“’I'm Alright’ is the single that is coinciding with the album release,” says Wolfgang. “The video is really fun continuing the story that was established from ‘Don't Back Down’ and ‘Another Celebration at the End of the World.’ I think it's really funny that the lyrics are quite angry but delivered through the lens of sort of a comfy rock song. If there ever was an anthem for myself about standing up for what I believe I should be doing - as opposed to what people expect - this is certainly that song.”

“Mammoth II” sees Wolfgang write all the material and record the instruments and vocals for the set, which marks the band’s first album as part of a new deal with BMG.

Pre-order “Mammoth II” and get the preview tracks here.

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