Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Black Sabbath's 1st recordings leaked

Full versions of two of Black Sabbath’s earliest known recordings have surfaced recently.

The demo tracks “The Rebel” and “When I Came Down” were recorded in 1969; a very short clip of a third tune, “Song For Jim,” can be heard in the background of a Tony Iommi interview.

Legend has it that Sabbath’s final gig as Earth, in Kilcaldy, Scotland, was performed the day after recording “The Rebel.” Gus Dudgeon produced the session at Trident Studios in Soho, in the west end of London.

According to the official Black Sabbath website, Earth became Black Sabbath on September 26, 1969.

Interesting to note that the three tracks were written by someone outside of Sabbath: Locomotive keyboardist Norman Haines, who also played organ and piano on “The Rebel.” Turns out that Earth’s manager at the time, Jim Simpson, was also in Locomotive, and Earth reportedly used the band as a measuring stick for their own progress. While Earth/Sabbath were in the midst of developing their own super-heavy blues style, they recorded the tunes at Simpson’s urging, in order to have something to use while shopping for their own record deal.

Earth/Black Sabbath – The Rebel
1969 demo

Earth/Black Sabbath – When I Came Down
1969 demo

Earth/Black Sabbath – Song For Jim (clip in background)
1969 demo