Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gary Moore tops the hennemusic Hot 10

The sad news that guitar legend Gary Moore passed away last weekend was on the minds of music fans everywhere this week.

Moore’s short time in Thin Lizzy is what often made headlines for the guitarist, who was well respected by musicians across the board; tributes to Moore’s influence and greatness poured in from players all around the globe.

Three of this week’s top 4 spots on the hennemusic Hot 10 show just how much interest there is in Moore and his lengthy career.

The HH10 is a list of the most-viewed rock news stories in the past week by hennemusic readers.

hennemusic Hot 10
week ending February 13, 2011

01 – Gary Moore: possible cause of death linked to night of heavy drinking
02 – Gary Moore died of suspected heart attack
03 – Guns N’ Roses: reunion lineup in talks for 2012 Super Bowl?
04 – Gary Moore funeral set for this weekend
05 – Van Halen: new album due for summer release?
06 – Def Leppard: major announcement coming soon
07 – Velvet Revolver: more Corey Taylor rumors
08 – Eddie Van Halen’s guitar enters The Smithsonian
09 – VIDEO: Ozzy Osbourne, Justin Bieber team up for Super Bowl ad
10 – BREAKING NEWS: Led Zeppelin - John Bonham’s mother has died

A rumor out of Indianapolis that the original Guns N’ Roses lineup has been approached by the NFL to appear at next year’s Super Bowl was one of the biggest surprise stories of the week. Without qualifying the sources, it’s hard to know how much faith to put into this news, so we’re all probably better suited to just keep an eye on this one moving forward. Axl Rose has been pretty definite about maintaining status quo with the current GNR situation, as well as his issues with former members, so this feels like an extreme long shot, at best.

News from Australia that Van Halen concert dates have been getting locked in for an upcoming tour there, as well as speculation that the new VH album could be out before the end of summer, kept VH in the minds of hennemusic readers. Other VH news in the top 10 included word that an exact replica of Eddie Van Halen’s iconic "Frankenstein" guitar has been acquired by The Smithsonian Natural Museum Of American History.

Other big rock news this past week included features on Def Leppard, the ongoing Velvet Revolver singer issue, Ozzy’s Super Bowl ads with Justin Bieber, and sad news from the Led Zeppelin family tree.

Gary Moore with B.B. King – The Thrill Is Gone
Live Blues DVD (1993)