Monday, February 28, 2011

Poison and Motley Crue announce summer tour

“Mötley will listen to the fans,
not to guys trying to book a tour through the media."

- Eric Sherman, Motley Crue’s manager (Nov 2010)

Last fall, Bret Michaels was telling audiences on his solo tour that Poison would be touring with Motley Crue this summer.

Crue members Tommy Lee and Vince Neil screamed an emphatic “NO!” about the rumors.

At the time, Eric Sherman, President of 10th Street Entertainment, Mötley Crüe's management, told People that Michaels knows there is no tour and that "he's trying to will it," adding that fans can vote on Motley's website for who they would like to see on the bill.

Michaels later admitted it was ‘wishful thinking,’ but that’s now turned out to be reality. And, even if it may have all been chest-puffing, pro wrestling-style hype, Poison will be touring with Motley Crue this summer, after all.

Both bands are celebrating big anniversaries this year: 30 for the Crue and 25 for Poison.

Poison’s tour is tentatively titled "Glam–A–Gedon 25," as Michaels reunites with his Poison bandmates. Michaels will continue solo dates through the summer, as well, alternating between shows with Poison, and those with Poison/Motley Crue.

The Crue package also includes the New York Dolls, for what is being called a select date summer tour.

Tickets for the Motley Crue / Poison tour will go on sale March 18.

When reporters recently asked Michaels if there was any bad blood between the bands, Michaels laughs "there may be some friendly competition, but there is no bad blood at all on my part. Nikki and I have spoken several times on the phone recently and the conversations went great."

"Music is a universal language,” continued Michaels, “and I am extremely excited that this tour has come together, as are the fans, they are truly going to see a great show. Honestly, I could care less about all the mudslinging, it gets nobody nowhere, and after all I have been through health-wise in the last year, I am going to try to focus on what does matter - which is the show, the fans, fun and personally throwing a hell of a backstage party."

Michaels will be the featured guest on this Wednesday’s Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN.

Bret Michaels – interview (clip)
CNN – Piers Morgan Tonight - to air March 2, 2011

Poison Poison

Poison – Nothin’ But A Good Time (1988)

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