Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aerosmith: Best of Ballads due in May

The Aerosmith marketing machinery is in full gear these days, as everyone works on capitalizing on Steven Tyler’s role on American Idol.

Hey, strike while the iron is hot: which makes sense, especially given the news, in late January, that Aerosmith’s sales were up substantially thanks to Tyler’s increased profile on the reality show.

Idol’s finale should land in May, and Aerosmith are all over it: on May 3, Tyler’s autobiography, “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?” gets released, and now comes word that yet another Aerosmith best-of collection will come out in May, as well.

The bad boys from Boston will release "Tough Love: Best Of The Ballads" on May 10.

The song selection is a little odd, though, as some of the songs aren’t even ballads (“Love In An Elevator,” “Livin’ On The Edge” “Rag Doll”), but that’s due to the fact that Geffen Records are putting out the compilation; more obvious songs like “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and “Pink” aren’t included because they were recorded for Columbia Records.

Basically, it’s safe to assume this Best-of is targeted at the American Idol viewer who just discovered Aerosmith because of Tyler, and Geffen wants to put some radio-friendly hits on their radar while they've got the potential new fans attention.

Tough Love: Best of The Ballads

Release date: May 10, 2011

01. Angel
02. Amazing
03. Love In An Elevator
04. Cryin'
05. What It Takes
06. Rag Doll
07. Crazy
08. Deuces Are Wild
09. Livin' On The Edge
10. Blind Man
11. Janie's Got A Gun
12. Dream On

Aerosmith Aerosmith

Aerosmith – Dream On
MTV Unplugged
Ed Sullivan Theatre, NYC – aired August 11, 1990

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