Thursday, March 17, 2011

VIDEO: James Durbin rocks Bon Jovi on American Idol

James Durbin brought the rock to American Idol again this week, with Wednesday’s performance of a classic Bon Jovi track.

The show’s theme was built around contestants singing songs from the year they were born; in Durbin’s case, that’s 1989.

James pulled out Bon Jovi’s “I’ll Be There For You” and rocked the house.

Steven Tyler wants Durbin to keep bringing the heavy, though, warning him “don’t get too ‘Pop-y’ on me.” When more discussion followed, Durbin mentioned Tyler’s band had some good stuff in ’89, but that he “didn’t want to spoil the Aerosmith until the finale,” prompting Steven to reply, “You save it and I’ll come up and sing it with you.”

Durbin is certainly a contender, and ya gotta love the confidence to throw out a finale reference this early in the game.

American Idol American Idol

James Durbin – I’ll Be There For You
Original by Bon Jovi
American Idol – March 16, 2011

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