Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aerosmith: Steven Tyler grants dying man’s wish

Steven Tyler may rock hard, but his softer side has been showing during his first season on American Idol.

Tyler has chosen his feedback to contestants carefully throughout the series to date, so as not to discourage any of the hopefuls from their big wish.

Sometimes it’s the wishes away from the spotlight that seem the most trivial, but most important of all.

Take the story of Lawrence Ori of Northbrook, Illinois. A lifelong rocker, Ori has always proudly displayed his support of Boston’s bad boys – from the Aerosmith tattoo on his bicep, to his “ROCKN” license plate to his cell phone playing “Dream On.”

"He turned me into a rocker chick," Ori's girlfriend, Joanie Dziak, said. "He taught me to rock at age 50."

Ori, then 62, had supernuclear palsey, a degenerative condition that made it difficult for him to talk and move. But even as a hospice patient, when "Sweet Emotion" or "Rag Doll" came on, he tapped his feet and nodded his head in time with the music.

Ori knew that his days of "livin' on the edge" were past, but some dreams are just too big to give up on - like Ori's dream of meeting his rock hero Steven Tyler.

As his condition worsened, Ori knew his chance of meeting Tyler was growing slimmer. Even as he came to terms with his own death, he stayed loyal to his dream.

His family had gathered around his bed, donning black Aerosmith t-shirts in solidarity with their rocker friend. Aerosmith's greatest hits came from the CD player in the corner, and pictures of Ori at concerts were on the walls.

Then the word came: Steven Tyler is calling - literally. In a flurry of movement and chatter, a computer was placed in front of Ori and Tyler's face came into view via a Skype video call.

"Lawrence? This is Steven," Tyler said. "I'm coming to you from L.A. and I'm so glad to meet you."

Ori couldn't respond, but his eyes went wide. His girlfriend Joanie Dziak held his hand and spoke for him. Dziak told Tyler about Ori's passion for rock music and Aerosmith. She couldn't even count how many times Ori had seen the band in concert. Ori's family waved and called their thanks from where they were situated around the room.

"That's the great thing about music," Tyler said, "that it brings people together and really gets into your soul.”

"It's so beautiful to see so much love around him right now."

The call didn't last too long as Ori's strength was waning and his emotions were running as high as they ever had.

"You hold on, Lawrence. I love you man," Tyler said. "Great to meet you."

Ori's eyes were full of unshed tears. Dziak bent down to hug him, whispering in his ear. The rest of his family quietly closed in on his bed, celebrating the moment that had been a lifetime coming.

Ori passed away that afternoon, with "Dream On" in the background and a smile on his face.

The Skype call was arranged by the Passages Hospice Dream Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to fulfilling unmet wishes and improving quality of life among hospice patients.

Lawrence Ori meets Steven Tyler

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